Olympic Weightlifting: Cues & Corrections

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By Daniel Camargo
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Daniel Camargo is a 24-year veteran of Olympic Weightlifting. After representing the USA in nine international competitions and setting three Junior American Records, he began coaching and is now a USA Weightlifting International Coach.
In this book, Camargo presents his approach to teaching lifters the snatch, clean and jerk, and provides clear, simple strategies for recognizing and correcting the most common technical errors in the Olympic lifts.

Includes an online library of training drill videos.


Table of Contents
Progressions: Introduction
Snatch Progressions
Clean Progressions
Jerk Progressions
Corrections & Cues: Introduction
Corrections & Cues: Snatch
Corrections & Cues: Clean
Corrections & Cues: Jerk
Error Index
Jumping Forward
Early Arm Bend
Failing to drop under the bar
Hips rising faster than the bar or shoulders
Losing bar behind
Missing Power Position
Landing on Toes Instead of Flat Footed
Failure to Triple Extend
Donkey Kick
Throwing Head Back
Knees in the Way
Jumping Forward
Flipping the Bar into the Rack
Early Arm Bend
Failing to Drop under the Bar
Hips Rising Faster than the Bar or Shoulders
Missing Power Position
Landing on Toes Instead of Flat Footed
Failure to Triple Extend
Donkey Kick
Throwing Head Back
Knees in the Way
Crashing the Barbell
Forward on Toes During Dip & Drive
Pressing Out
Bar Ends Past the Frontal Plane
Split Position Imbalance, Inconsistencies, or Discomfort
One Foot Strikes Before the Other in the Split Jerk
Losing Contact with the Bar During the Dip & Drive

"I have known Danny Camargo since he was a National Junior Champion weightlifter and Junior World Team member.  I have known his first coach Bill “Coach Mac”  McDaneil before I knew Danny.  I always thought Coach Mac was a great coach and Danny is proof of that.  I was sorry that Danny didn’t continue with his own competitive weightlifting, but he is certainly making a great contribution with his coaching.  This book Olympic Weightlifting, Cues & Corrections is excellent.  It’s very precise, to the point, and understandable.  I strongly recommend this book to all coaches who teach the snatch and clean & Jerk, whether for sports performance, competitive weightlifting, crossfit, or for fun and  exercise."
-Jim Schmitz, US Olympic Team Coach 1980, 88, & 92, USA Weightlifting President 1988-96

"Carmago's book does an excellent job of delivering the fundamental weightlifting information our sport needs more of.  The ideas and tips he provides are terrific resources for both new coaches and experienced veterans."
-Matt Foreman, author of Bones of Iron and Olympic Weightlifting for Masters