Olympic Weightlifting Multimedia Quickstart Guide

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The Olympic Weightlifting Multimedia Quickstart Guide is the ultimate beginner's guide to learning the snatch, clean and jerk, in a convenient and portable digital format.
This product is a responsive mobile-friendly website that you can easily carry to the gym with you and follow step by step on any internet-connected device.

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Who is it for?
The Olympic Weightlifting Multimedia Quickstart Guide is intended for beginners who want a concise and simple but complete approach to learning the snatch, clean and jerk with text, photo and video. Trainers and coaches who work with beginners will also find it helpful for guiding their instruction.
What’s in it?
The MMG is broken into the following sections:

  1. Foundation
  2. Snatch
  3. Clean
  4. Jerk
  5. Assistance Exercises
  6. Flexibility
  7. Training Programs

Each section contains text along with relevant photos and HD videos to make sure the information is quickly and completely understood. Read what to do and see what it’s supposed to look like. Contains almost 90 HD videos.
How it works
When you purchase the Olympic Weightlifting Multimedia Quickstart Guide, you’ll get an email with login info. You can use the MMG with any internet-connected device from phone or tablet to desktop.
Go through the Guide from start to finish and learn foundational elements such as how to stabilize your torso and squat; then learn through effective progressions how to snatch, clean and jerk; next learn the most useful assistance exercises for the snatch, clean and jerk; learn stretches to help you achieve the positions necessary to perform the Olympic lifts well and safely; and finally, get a program to begin training the lifts and learn how to progress beyond it.