Olympic Weightlifting & Sports Performance

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by Dane Miller

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This book provides the training approaches to wrestling, football, throwing, baseball, basketball and swimming including exercises and programming from coach Dane Miller.

Two Olympians, six Olympic trials qualifiers, 25 national champions, 17 state champions, and 21 NCAA all-Americans across 7 sports. The numbers don’t lie, and the numbers don’t stop. Dane Miller is one of the United States’ most well-known and recognizable names in weightlifting, track and field, and coaching expertise. In addition to the undeniable heights his athletes have reached, Dane is the recipient of the USA Weightlifting (USAW) Larry Barnholth Award for Coaching Excellence, has been appointed to assist at USAW training camps at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, and was named team leader and team coach to 6 Team USA squads. He has had the honor of training under and with athletic luminaries including Anatoly Bondarchuk, Zygmunt Smalcerz, and Charles Poliquin.

Dane’s own success is grounded in the same value + focus + work methodology he employs with his athletes. From humble beginnings in his parent’s garage, Garage Strength is now Pennsylvania’s premiere training center for elite athletes and healthy humans alike, filling not only strength and sport-specific training needs but also mobility, lifestyle, and nutrition. Dane’s unique, intensive training programs are the heart of Garage Strength, and are based not only on tested and proven methods of optimal athletic development but each athlete’s specific skill and need.


“This book does a great job of bringing Dane’s knowledge and concepts into your hands. Besides technique and programming, this book offers goals, what to expect in terms of the training, and why you are doing specific Olympic lifts and how they translate to your sport-specific training. As an athlete who trains under Dane with nearly all these concepts included in my training program, I’m confident in his knowledge and understanding of strength training and wrestling.”
—Nick Gwiazdowski, 3-Time World Bronze Medalist, 2019 Pan Am Champion wrestler

“Olympic lifting teaches football players everything they need: mobility, strength, agility, discipline and focus. Dane’s knowledge and experience in Olympic lifting and sports performance is unprecedented. He takes a creative approach to training and applies it to his athletes while continuing to improve and grow his knowledge. This is a resource I wish I had when I was playing in the NFL, and I would recommend it to any coach or player in high school, college or the NFL.”
—Jasen Esposito, VP of Go Big Recruiting, Former NFL Offensive Lineman for the NE Patriots

Olympic Weightlifting & Sports Performance is a very thorough and comprehensive book; Dane did a great job of taking the Olympic lifts, breaking them down into segments, explaining how each one can benefit different sports, and providing different workout programs for each sport based on the energy system demands. The pictures in the book are great references to make sure positioning in each segment of the lift is appropriate in order to mitigate injury. Dane even provides annual periodization breakdowns for each sport covered in the book along with workout splits and sample daily workouts. Everyone knows that the Olympic lifts are a great way to generate power, kinesthetic awareness, attention to detail, and overall strength, but Dane has really broken it down into simple terms for anyone to understand.”
—Rodney Hill, Detroit Lions Strength & Performance Coach

“Dane’s combination of on-field expertise as well as his experience in the programming of developing athletes is unparalleled in the United States. He has spent the majority of his adult life in the pursuit of knowledge from colleagues, clinicians, and international coaching experience. This book is a must for the programming needed to coach athletes to be the best they can be in strength and athleticism. If you’re a serious athletic development coach, consider purchasing this book and implementing these exercises into your programming.”
—Lucais MacKay, Penn State University Throws Coach

“From cover to cover, this book contains great knowledge of how to train athletes from numerous sports by utilizing Olympic weightlifting, a tried and true method of athlete development. It is both detailed and practical, a great resource for any coach, complete with program design and periodization examples. Dane Miller doesn’t just talk about getting results—he has gotten them consistently while developing high-level athletes across a variety of disciplines for many years.”
—Alex Heacock, William & Mary Director of Track & Field and Cross Country

“There is absolutely no shortage of energy and passion in the arena of strength and conditioning for Coach Dane Miller. Having a great team (Garage Strength) equates to one of the best programs around, developing highly accomplished athletes in multiple sports including national champions and world championship qualifying athletes. This book explains, in layman’s terms, a simple and effective way to apply Olympic weightlifting to develop stronger and more explosive athletes. A great read for all aspiring and seasoned coaches... ONLY if you want to maximize the potential of your athletes.”
—Vernon Patao, 2-time Weightlifting Olympian

“An excellent guide on how to incorporate the Olympic lifts into strength programs for specific sports. Love that Dane Miller includes seasonal programs and exercises in an easy to follow format and gives breakdowns of transferability both physically and mentally. All coaches and athletes in competitive sports looking to maximize their training and performance should read it."
—Jocelyn Forest, former UC Berkeley MVP softball pitcher, former UC Berkeley Strength Coach, former professional softball player New England Riptide, national level competitive weightlifter 

“One of the biggest issues when training athletes is figuring out where the Olympic lifts might fit into their programming. In this book, Dane gives his unique insight as to not only where they fit, but how to use variations of the lift to make them as applicable and sport-specific as possible. If your goal is to make your athletes more powerful and explosive, this book can definitely help you take your game to the next level!”
—Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, USAW, President, Robertson Training Systems