Bones of Iron

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By Matt Foreman

  • Paperback
  • 6 x 9"
  • 182 pages

Bones of Iron is a collection of articles by Matt Foreman that appeared in the Performance Menu journal between 2008 and 2011 along with a few new pieces of material.

Foreman's background in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and coaching multiple sports gives him unique perspective and insights into a wide array of elements not only of strength training and competition, but all athletic pursuits and life itself.

The chapters are rife with as much humor as helpful training information, and Foreman covers topics ranging from practical guidelines for designing training programs to personal experiences with training and competition.


“His writing style is engaging and I was fascinated by some of his observations on concepts and occurrences that I personally experienced. His intellectual references are also a joy. All of us involved in the sport of weightlifting are in need of factual information, but we also need a healthy dose of perspective, common sense and a little well referenced humor. All of that is in Matt's book.”
-Bob Takano, USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Coach

“I have read Matt’s Bones of Iron book and found it very good and recommend it for all coaches, especially new coaches. Matt’s writing style is very clear and understandable as well as witty and humorous. Most importantly, Bones of Iron is very informative and all lifters and coaches would benefit from reading it. For new coaches there is valuable information they will read about for the first time here. For the experienced coach the information will be reaffirming. Also, by reading Bones of Iron you will get to know Matt’s knowledge, love, dedication, and wonderful memories of his weightlifting experiences. So, many of us have had very similar experiences, this book makes one proud to be an Olympic Style Weightlifter.”
-Jim Schmitz, US Olympic Team Coach 1980, 88, & 92, President of USA Weightlifting 1988 – 96, Member International Weightlifting Federation’s Executive Board 1992 – 96, Writer for MILO Magazine, Weightlifter since 1960

"Bones of Iron is witty, concise and most importantly, applicable. Matt has a charm about his writing that kept me reading in its entirety at one sitting. It is a must read for any weightlifting enthusiast as it is as informative as it is entertaining!"
-Andy Tysz, USA Weightlifting Coaching Education Director, Head Coach, NMU Weightlifting Program

“Matt has a great writing style that combines information about Olympic lifting and other strength sports and sprinkles in many interesting anecdotes along the way. This is a great read that I will recommend to all of my lifters and fellow coaches.”
-Leo Totten, Coach, East Coast Gold Weightlifting

“With unapologetic candor and unrelenting humor throughout, in "Bones of Iron" Foreman doesn't simply open a window into the often misunderstood world of weightlifting; he hijacks a bulldozer and knocks down the whole d*mn wall separating "us" and "them." In 183 pages, this English Teacher/Weightlifter/Powerlifter/Multisport Coach/Husband and Friend gracefully accomplishes what many of us spend lifetimes trying to do--that is, to explain to the rest of the world that everything we do is about the iron precisely because nothing we do actually is.
-Rachel Crass, USA Weightlifting World Team Member

"Matt Foreman is one of the truly "good guys" in Olympic Weightlifting, and his book reads just like he's sitting next to you on the platform sharing the tips that make the difference between a PR and abject failure (which he understands only too well is a thin, thin line...). Foreman's approach is pragmatic, easy to understand and conversational, making it enjoyable to read and applicable to your own training. His wit is only matched by his vast knowledge and experience and both come out in spades in this book. Strength training, and olympic-style lifting in particular isn't rocket science, but many authors write about it as though it is; Matt doesn't try to posture with techno-babble...he wants you to "get it", and his writing style and the myriad of subjects he covers conveys that he hopes you glean something that you can put in your gym bag to help you earn success, whether that's just a PR on your snatch or a national championship. If you're not looking to be befuddled by metaphysics but want an easy, enjoyable read that also share real nuggets of good advice for your own training, this book is for you. "
-Bull Ternus

“Bones of Iron is a must read for all CrossFit coaches. Olympic Weightlifting and general strength training are key elements of being a successful CrossFitter. Matt provides straightforward, easy to understand answers to many of the questions that I repeatedly hear from CrossFit coaches.”
-August Schmidt