Podium Gold Creatine Tablets

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The only dietary supplement endorsed by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), and the creatine used by Catalyst Athletics lifters.

60% more soluble than traditional creatine formulas allowing far greater bioavailability (muscle tissue absorption) of the active ingredients.

Podium Gold's buffered formula prevents the breakdown of creatine (ergogenic) into creatinine (non-ergogenic).

Increases "fast twitch" (Type IIa and IIb) muscle fiber carnosine content up to 80%.

Increases both aerobic and anaerobic endurance leading to increased workloads.

Dramatically increases exercise capacity by increasing metabolic flux tolerance in the muscle cells.

Provides the optimal and most effective daily dosage (up to 9g per day) of Podium Gold.

Provides rapid strength gains (up to 40%) over a 10 week training cycle.

Certified to be free of USADA and WADA banned substances.

Hydrogen Ion (H+) flux buffering eliminates the stomach discomfort often caused by other strength supplements such as Creatine.

Supplies the power needed to generate the quick bursts required by Fast Twitch (Type IIa and IIb) Muscle Fibers for explosive movements