Weightlifting Movement Assessment & Optimization

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  • by Quinn Henoch
  • 334 pages

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Finally, a book about mobility and stability specifically for Olympic weightlifting by a qualified professional experienced in the sport. Henoch lays the ground work with clearly explained theory, and then provides a systematic process for recognizing problems, discovering their sources, and addressing them effectively, all with the express purpose of achieving safe, optimal positions and movement patterns for the snatch and clean & jerk. Contains over 900 photos and illustrations.


“Henoch has assembled a straightforward, systematic approach to evaluating and correcting mobility and stability concerns in weightlifters that will replace the typical haphazard, shotgun approach that so often falls short of its goals.” —Greg Everett, head coach of USAW national champion team Catalyst Athletics, author of Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches

“I highly recommend the book to any coach or athlete who uses the Olympic lifts in training. —Mike Burgener, USA Weightlifting senior international coach

“I think Quinn Henoch has done an incredible job presenting methods and techniques for improving anyone’s mobility and best individual body positions for doing the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. He offers many different options of exercises and techniques to help a lifter overcome, correct, or minimize flaws in their technique and positions.  All weightlifting coaches should read this book and have it in the gym with them so they can help their lifters make corrections as they identify them.” —Jim Schmitz, 3-time USA Weightlifting Olympic Team Coach

"Finally an answer for those looking for mobility work specifically for weightlifting. It dispels common misconceptions and makes clear why certain things work with a few surprises why others don't. The clear outline format makes it easy to follow. A great read" —Daniel Camargo, USA Weightlifting

“Finally! A book by an authoritative figure who puts into plain English the ins and outs of perfecting weightlifting technique through movement assessment. Weightlifting optimization is all about being able to hit and maintain proper positions. This is an excellent resource to tell you how to make that happen. Being a national level weightlifter himself as well as a physical therapist, Quinn Henoch has the background and knowledge to make this book the absolute real deal.” —Leo Totten, USA Weightlifting Senior International Coach

“The definitive guide to developing flexibility, mobility and stabilty for Olympic weightlifting, with detailed progressions appropriate for trainees of all ages and levels of ability. —Brooks Kubik, author of Dinosaur Training

“People have historically taken at best a parts-and-pieces approach to addressing the mobility and stability needs of Olympic weightlifting, and have consequently achieved lackluster results. With this book, you now have a expertly developed strategy for assessing needs coupled with an easy to follow program for improvement.” —Robb Wolf, New York Times best-selling author of the Paleo Solution & Wired to Eat